Larissa designed a super sneaky side table. It was then featured as the cover story of Woodcraft Magazine so you can make one yourself!

After completing this bar, we invited our favorite bartender over to take it for a test drive. Check out the Wyne Bar and make yourself a Pennsylvania Sour.

Here's a look at the process of turning logs in to lumber. Much of the furniture we make at the Lohr Woodworking Studio starts right here, turning logs in to the material we use to make our original furniture. Visit:

See our favorite mortising jig in action! We use this in our courses as well as making our own furniture. It’s a Lohr shop staple.

Here's a look at the class of October 2016. Seth drove in a sweet van and we held a contest to see you could name the most faces. Check out the fun folks that join us for classes here at the shop.

At the end of each year we put our work to the side and get busy making some holiday ornaments. This year, we went for steam bent candy canes.

Check out a fun flame treatment for open grained hardwoods. There is an accompanying article in Woodcraft Magazine so you can learn more.

We made a new Lohr Woodworking Studio roadside sign! Enjoy a timelapse of Larissa freehand routing the letters on the live edge oak slab. See the finished product at the end!

Jeff Lohr built our business. He also built a cannon he made with old plumbing parts! Here he fires it off at the shop in celebration of Independence Day.