Intermediate Student Reviews

I’m sure you’ve heard this hundreds of times, but one more time certainly won’t hurt…your class is/was amazing, especially the methods of keeping things safe and consistent. There was NO/ZERO wasted information in your class, I put everything you taught into my shop. That class was the best money I’ve ever spent on anything..ever.
— Charlie K., Claymont, DE
I wanted to let you know how absolutely I enjoyed my participation in your course Practical Woodworking 101. As an enthusiastic woodworking hobbyist, I learned so much more than I could ever hope to learn by reading and doing on my own. While this may be considered by some to be an entry-level woodworking course, I found it to be much more.

It was of great value to me because I have enough experience to see the difference between what you taught and what I thought was correct. Of particular value was the introduction to the many woodworking “rules of thumb” you shared and your overall philosophy about woodworking. While I don’t yet have 20/20 vision, I certainly have an expanded view of the craftsmanship involved in fine woodworking. This was just a really outstanding, and enjoyable, learning experience for me!

Although you have taught this course to hundreds of students, your enthusiasm and attention to all the students was exemplary. You are truly professional teachers. I never felt neglected.

Your management of the class concerning shop protocols and use of the power tools was suitably exact, consistent and firm. All I believe are required to ensure student attention to safety and protocols. There was no question that these processes needed to be followed. However I never felt your guidance was condescending or arbitrary.

I learned a lot about power tool safety. I am particularly sensitive to this having experienced a table saw injury a number of years ago that destroyed my left index fingertip joint and nerves. The surgery and healing is not something anyone should ever want to experience.

I learned a most valuable lesson about craftsmanship. A lack of knowledge about craftsmanship cannot be overcome by buying newer and fancier tools. Craftsmanship originates in knowledge, not technology. Your approach to woodworking exemplifies this.

This course is extremely well designed. There was nothing discussed that I didn’t find useful nor did find that there was any wasted time. Really a fine-tuned educational experience.

Lastly, I loved the venue. It is a real working shop and I felt a real kinship with my fellow students as we worked and learned.
— Bob D., Gambrills, MD
I want to thank you again for a wonderful experience in Woodworking 101. I completely enjoyed the experience and I learned so much. I have a master’s degree is curriculum development in addition to my bachelors’s degree in physics, so I recognize a well designed curriculum when I see it. The class is well designed and is sequential and logical. The mix of theory and application is perfect. No matter how well a curriculum is designed, it always comes down to the presentation by the instructors. Your staff is personable, likable, and knowledgable. This is a five star experience all the way.
— Bradford B., Manheim, PA
Today was a “milestone” for me. I delivered my first piece of custom designed commissioned furniture to a customer who was elated to say the least. It was a coffee table of walnut with bread board ends using the Greene & Greene spline that I designed and made from scratch using the techniques you taught us at “Woodworking 101”. She was satisfied enough to order two matching end tables ASAP. Also, I delivered & installed custom shelves for a city library that turned out good enough for an order for more shelving. Everything that I’ve produced since my class has been successful-and-satisfying to me. I’m naturally a “little” picky, so, if I’m happy-they’re usually elated. I am grateful for the quality of your class and the practical experience you give to each person. I have a level of confidence in my work that I would never have achieved if not for you.
— Ken M., Mobile, AL
I took your course in September of 2015 and life hasn’t been the same since. It was a lifestyle changing experience. As I mentioned, the methods and skills that you imparted were like a good book - I haven’t been able to put it down. I’m lucky enough to have my own woodshop that I spend time in almost every day. Yes, I am retired and woodworking is one of the incentives that make awakening each day a pleasure and not a task. Woodworking was a hobby for almost 50-years, but it wasn’t until you and your trusty colleagues opened my eyes to a better, more efficient and fun way, that I really started to appreciate the wood I was working with. l was an apprenticeship-training instructor for years and then had the opportunity to travel the world teaching people about copper and truly appreciate the way you and your enthusiastic team impart skills knowledge.

Me, my family and all my friends that have been recipients of the fruits of your efforts thank you.
— Andy K.