Advanced Student Reviews

Happy New Year. I’ve been so busy, I’ve neglected to write and thank you for the wonderful experience of your woodworking course. I know I am not the best of students—it’s been that way all my life—but believe me, I absorbed things like a sponge on steroids. Your course has taken my woodworking to a whole new level. It’s rare for more than five minutes to go by without me using something from the course. I’ve attached a few photos of what I am calling the post-Jeff Lohr era boxes. The compliments from the customers have been unbelievable. Here’s what one guy said recently “the Humidor I received from you in early December is magnificent and the craftmanship is stunning.” No one has ever accused me of stunning craftsmanship before, and the credit is all yours. Thanks again, and thanks to Eoin and Rob. They were top notch as well.
— Bob C., President of Downeast Boxes, Orr's Island, Maine
Your course was wonderful – I very much appreciated the blend of theory and practical wisdom gained from thoughtful experience.

You and your team did a superb job; and we are working on our notes now so we don’t forget too much. I admit I was a little concerned about attending a basic course since I have a bit of experience – yes, I was dangerous. But the course was exactly what I needed to get a better grounding on the whole process. Some elements really resonated:

• Safety. You are the first professional that really walked the talk on safety. Every time you used the machines, you applied the same safety process that you taught us. The kickback discussion and demonstration was really eye opening – best explanation I’ve ever heard.
• Planning. So many of the folks I’ve known treat woodworking as a mechanical process; you really brought out the critically important “strategy” part of woodworking – designing and planning the project: what material I have to work with, what is the best sequence and flow perspective & balance: the ‘big picture’ view of the project and the tactical view of what to do next.
• Wood. Being more attentive to the wood; how to work with the wood and not fight it. I was sort of disappointed when I got my package of boards – they looked rather scruffy – I probably would have selected others. But as the project progressed, learning how to assess a given board, or piece, and then work with the wood to achieve a quality outcome was very gratifying. The theory on grain, and how that translates to the tools/ processes of how to get a straight, flat usable board was really good. My milling efforts during your course produced the best results I’ve ever achieved….and I even know why now!
— John K., Seaford, VA