Veneer & Cabinetwork Hardware

We'll be using four butt hinges for the doors on this project.  The price of these hinges can vary pretty wildly, so we're leaving it to you to do the shopping. Make sure you purchase (and receive in the package) 4 hinges, two for each door. Below, we give you a few options that will work well and try to educate you on the subject.

Style & Size

Butt hinge dimensions are generally listed with the length first, than the full open width of the hinge leaves.  This is a little counter-intuitive as we're used to listing width, then length.  If you're not sure, call the manufacturer to confirm the size. Loose pin hinges are nice, as you don't have to remove all of the screws to take the door off of it's frame.

The largest hinge I would use would be 2" x 1 1/2".  The smallest would be 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Hinge Quality


Don't choose cheapo hardware store hinges.  The savings that you'll see in your purchase will only frustrate you when it comes time to use them in your project.  Cheap hinges are thin and don't work well.  This is a high quality piece and you'll want hardware to match.

We recommend you only consider hinges that are made of solid brass.  Brass plated hinges will be cheap by comparison, but will give you little value for an heirloom piece.  Bronze hinges would be considered the most high end, but they can cost upward of $75 per hinge.  Solid brass hinges are made in a variety of styles and will be suitable for high end work.  Brass machines well, will never rust, and is available in several finishes.


A stamped hinge will be the cheapest option.  These are stamped out of thin brass sheet stock.  These hinges will work, though they'll be thin.  The cherry and walnut cabinet you see pictured uses cheapo stamped brass hinges, and they work fine.  Expect to pay $2-$5 per hinge.

A better quality hinge will be made using an extrusion process where the metal is forced into a die under high pressure.  These hinges are thicker than stamped hinges, but will reflect the processing in the cost.  These hinges can be expensive, but not so much that they break the bank.  Expect to pay $8-$15 per hinge


Here are several sources to find your hinges.  The ones listed here will hit various points of price and quality, but will all work for your cabinet. Make sure to order four hinges!


Shop Here: Ball Tip Extruded Hinges 2'' x 1-1/2'

White Chapel Hardware

This is a very high end distributor of hardware and their prices will reflect that. These loose pin hinges are available in several finishes and you can purchase different ball tips if the urn isn't your bag. They are also available in 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".

Shop Here: 2" x 1 1/2" Urn Tip Flatback Cabinet Hinge

Van Dyke's Restorers

These folks offer a wide variety of high quality hardware of all types. Here is a nice option from them: Legacy Mortise Solid Brass Hinge


Ball Catches

There are several ways to catch a cabinet door so that it clicks right into place when it's closed. We prefer ball catches (mostly because of the nice sound they make when they close). If you're familiar with these types of catches and wish to buy them ahead of time, I have linked the ones we usually prefer below. If you'd rather wait, the catches are one of the last things to be installed into the cabinet and you'll be installing them after you leave class anyway, so you can make your purchasing choice later. It's up to you! Link to purchase: 1/4" Cabinet Door Ball Catch