How To Enroll in Veneer & Cabinetwork

NOTE: Only alumni of the Practical Woodworking course are invited to enroll in this course. Because of the skills, Lohr-taught machine safety, and familiarity with our shop/equipment that is required to complete the advanced course successfully, we can make no exceptions.

1.  When do you want to take the class?

Take a look at our course schedule to determine which session you'd like to join.

If only one session works for your schedule and it's listed as 'sold out', don't despair.  Send an e-mail and ask to be placed on the waiting list.  We do have occasional cancellations in which case you will be offered the emptied bench, so there is a chance it could work for both of us!

2.  Enroll in a Course: It's easy!

To enroll just the button below and complete the enrollment form.  Confirmation and complete enrollment instructions will be sent via email to you within 24-48 hours. If you don't see a response from us in the 48 hours following your submission, be sure to check your spam folder for our response!

3.  Await your confirmation email

You should find it in your e-mail inbox within 24-48 hours. If you don't see it within a day or two, check your spam/junk folder. Our email addresses have been known to get caught in spam filters.

4. What's next?

We will send you an invoice for the tuition and materials. If the course is more than 6 months away, we will require $100 deposit within 15 days of enrollment to hold your spot. Other than that, admire the course project page as well as the required tool list and hardware so you can start packing. Continue to look out for our emails with additional info about the class as it approaches and make sure you are familiar with the cancellation policy.

Tuition & Material Information

Tuition:  $1,600.00

Materials:  $450.00

* Hardware (hinges, catches) not included.  Visit the Hardware page to see your options.


What am I getting for my $450 materials fee?

Roughly 30 board feet of 5/4 walnut makes up the carcase, face frame, door stiles and rails, and crown of your project.

You'll be using 25 square feet of fun, figured veneer.  Most veneer prices range from $1/sq ft to $15/sq ft. We'll supply some beautifully figured veneer.  You cannot supply your own veneer.  Certain material must be softened prior to use and that will throw off our schedule considerably.  We'll teach you how to use a veneer softener, but can't afford the day's time it takes to do so in class.

The inside of the carcase will be made from high quality, walnut veneer-faced plywood.  MDF will be the substrate for you veneered panels.


Cancellation Policy for JD Lohr School of Woodworking - Veneer & Cabinetwork Course

Should any student wish and/or need to cancel their enrollment in any given course at the JD Lohr School of Woodworking their tuition and materials fees will be refunded in full less a $100 administrative fee for the course provided such cancellation is made at least 60 calendar days in advance of the actual starting date of the course.   Cancellation must be done in writing by either email to or via phone.  

Cancellation 60 calendar days in advance of the start date of any course are refunded in full, less the administrative fee, within 10 days following written cancellation of enrollment.  Cancellation less than 60 days in advance of run date are forfeit regardless of reasons for cancellation.  Appropriate and clear reasons for ridged enforcement of this policy are outlined as below and are not subject to negotiation.  Cancellations are defined as failure or inability to attend all or any part, day, or hour of the reserved course in which the student is enrolled regardless of reason be it illness, accident, medical related, death, death of another, auto breakdown, act of God, and/or act of another.  The terms of this forfeiture of tuition in cases of student cancellation remains in effect through the final day of the course. 

In the remote chance of a need for the Lohr School of Woodworking itself to cancel any given class due to serious illness, fire, or catastrophic loss that would make the course impossible to run on the dates designated, all students enrolled in the cancelled class will have their choice of a full and complete refund of tuition and materials fees or the option of a rescheduled offering of the same course on a later scheduled date that is agreeable to the attending student.  In such a remote circumstance as the Lohr Woodworking School actually canceling one of it's course offerings, choice of full refund or rescheduling to another date is at the discretion and preference of the attending student. 

Read more about our cancellation policy here.