Our Year In Review

We’ve been out of contact with the blog for a long while. If you read through all of our posts, you’ll likely see an apology after each long absence. Not this time… No apologies, just a look at what’s been keeping us away from the computer for the past year.

We’ve made some special pieces in 2018 and we want to show you all the fun we’ve been having!

Conso1 - Walnut Stereo Console

In 2017, my friend Brad got in touch with us to see if we could make his dream a reality. He was looking to make a stereo cabinet that harkened back to the units of the 60’s while competing in quality with the high end offerings of today.

We took care of the woodworking portion of the project, while Brad outfitted the cabinet with high end speakers, amps, outputs, and bluetooth connectivity. You can see the process of making this piece in the previous blog entry.


Cherry & Maple Sideboard

This piece was a labor of love for us all. Every once in a while, the stars align and we get to make whatever we want. In 2018, we had some time and the Philadelphia Furniture Show was approaching. We always like to have a new piece when we show our work, so we went to the “Furniture Rob & Larissa Want To Make” list. After checking the box, the sideboard was born.


Walnut Bench & Footstool

This set was made for a customer’s entryway. He wanted a place to sit and tie his shoes when he was coming and going. Think Mr. Rogers in a parallel universe. The lovely crotch walnut slab was paired with some uniquely sculptural legs. The footstool was made up of two scraps of live edge walnut, then joined with some brown oak bones to turn it into something special.


The Wyne Bar

This bar was challenging and exciting. We’ve never made a bow front piece like this, so there was a steep learning curve. We bent wood in all of the ways we know how and learned some more along the way. Steam bending, kerf bending, bent lamination…we even got some made made bendable plywood for the shell. The bar belongs to a cocktail enthusiast who dreamed of this very piece in his home for so long. One of the highlights of the process was inviting my friend Jesse to come to the shop to make us drinks for photos and a video. He made a drink called the Pennsylvania Sour. Check our facebook page for a pretty cool video & the recipe.


Watch out for more updates in the months to come. We’ll break each piece down and show you what happens behind the scenes to turn these dreams into reality.