No worries, we've got plans for your Labor Day weekend!

We were lucky enough to be selected by the jury to be exhibitors in the Longs Park Art Festival again this year. It's always an honor to be accepted because it's a show made up of over 200 artists and makers (of all mediums, making all types of things) from across the nation that come to Lancaster, PA to fill the beautifully serene Longs Park!

Over the past several months, we have been hustling to make new pieces for both commissions and to debut at the show. As Rob bragged about in the last post, we have managed to churn out three Morris chairs, two ottomans, two brand new stools, [almost] three brand new chairs, and an all-walnut version of our bent leg and veneer coffee table. Phew! After all this work, we are sure ready to take them out of our show room, load 'em up and tote 'em down to the park in hopes that they find a new home.

Now, when I say "load 'em up and tote 'em down to the park", it sounds like that's an easy thing to do. Let me paint you a little picture, kids:

Here I sit, on Wednesday, looking up at the big chalkboard note reminding me that there are 9 days until Longs Park Art Festival begins (which means we have 8 days until move-in) and I am surrounded by our finished furniture. It's taken two days to bring it all down from the showroom but it's finally placed in a cleared 20'x20' space in the shop. Here, we can arrange and rearrange everything 25 times until we land out the layout we want to duplicate under our tent when we arrive at our booth. The mock-up has been mostly decided on by this morning but there are still some question marks about where things will look best.

After we're happy with the arrangement, we have to clean and detail each piece of furniture (which, I must note, is now coated in a nice fine dust from being in our workshop). As we clean everything, we dismantle it and wrap each part separately for easy packing. Meanwhile, we have to print price tags, gather our boring paperwork, find all of our posters and photos, and do all the little stuff we always forget about.

Oh jeez, then comes the packing! We have a horse trailer that will be loaded up with the big stuff, then the pickup gets capped and loaded up with the smaller, flatter stuff. Whatever is left over gets crammed into our personal cars. And, with that, we are ready hit the road for Lancaster. So, in theory, we get all of this done in the next 5 days. HA. The good news is that when we get our booth all set up, we get settled in to enjoy three days of fun!

Booth mock-up.JPG

All that said, you should come by Longs Park Art Festival over Labor Day weekend to visit us and all of the other wonderfully talented exhibitors. We'll be in booth 189-190 while the show is open Sept 1st-3rd, Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. If you live too far away to make the show, we understand (kind of) but, I updated our Lohr Woodworking Studio website a bit in time for the show so feel free to scope out some new photos and furniture pieces there too.

Festival Map (Lohr label).jpg

We hope to see some of you there! As for the rest, look out for updates via blog post after we get back home from the festival!