When the woodshop becomes a photo studio

It's done, folks. The walnut and cherry settle has been signed, sealed, and delivered! What you are about to see will explain why we have been absent from blogging for a week. It'll be worth the wait, I assure you.

Last week, the upholstery was finished and delivered, Rob attached the very fancy curly cherry sofa arms, and finishing touches were taken care of. Then, it was time to take it to the Lewis'. A super duty pick up truck, hurricane force winds, a 600lb sofa, four people- No problemo, done in 20 minutes.

Before we bid adieu to any of our finished furniture pieces, we photograph it for portfolio, website, and show application purposes. Once a piece is gone, it's in it's forever home and we won't have the chance to brag... I mean show people what we are capable of making by showing them what we have made in the past unless we have some sweet snapshots.

For this task, we call in our resident teacher/woodworker/story-teller/photographer, the one and only Eoin O'Neill. If you've taken any of our courses, you likely know Eoin but, did you know he is a photo master too?

For those of you that follow us on Instagram (@jdlohrwoodworking), this is no surprise to you but, to the rest, here is a sneak peek into one of our secret shop treasures. Along the back wall of the shop is a cyc wall. Where the wall meets the floor is curved as to provides us with a huge seamless wall perfect for photographing our huge pieces of furniture. For all but ~4 days of each year, the white floor and curved corner is covered with a layer of black plastic, topped with brown kraft paper, followed by sheets of particle board, and finally covered with foam floor tiles. These layers serve as an effort to keep the floor and bottom portion of the wall "white" and protected while it isn't being used. Needless to say, we have to bleach and repaint the whole dang thing every time we need to use it but, I'm told that's what the big time photo studios in NYC do too so, basically we're on par with professionals (psht).

After the set up (which you can see, is quite extensive), Eoin worked his magic. It was just another day within the walls of the Lohr Woodworking Studio. Below you'll find just a sampling of a few of the images he took- wowza, am I right?

We are already on to the next projects so check back with us next week for updates on the coffee tables (which are now oiled- woo!) and the beginnings of lots of chairs. Not to mention the beginning of prep for the Philadelphia Furniture Show (which you should come to). We like to keep ourselves busy, busy!

And with that, it's Friday, I am going to leave you with these beautiful images and no more words.