Packing Up!

We get in the trucks and drive down to Philadelphia tomorrow for a weekend of showing and (hopefully) selling our wares.  It's always fun to get all of our pieces together in one place.  They're usually scattered about our showroom and homes.

The show runs Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.

I figured we'd give those of you that can't make it a little preview of what we're showing.

Dining Chairs

You can check out the chair I've been working on over the last few months and also see Jeff's standard chairs.  It's a pretty successful first iteration, but there are improvements to come.

Cherry Console Cabinet

I made this cabinet when I shot Doors For Cabinetry and Fine Furniture for Craftsy.  It's a great online class if you haven't taken it.  Click on the link above for 50% off the sale price.  The door and drawer on this piece fit and work so beautifully.  I love figured maple on cherry.

Morris Chair

Stop by for a bit of respite on the Morris Chair.  Never to dissapoint.

Flamed Birch Extension Table

You've got to see this guy in action.  It's fitted with a very cool extension mechanism in which both halves of the table open at the same time by pulling on one end.  The description can't do it justice.  Just come and check it out.

Bentwood Coffee Table

The one we're bringing along isn't pictured here as it was at Eoin's house getting it's picture taken.  Come and see the other one!

Cosgriff Standing Desk

Jeff made this guy last year.  A very cool crotch walnut desktop with all kinds of fun stuff on the inside! 

Spirits Cabinet

This is my favorite piece I've ever made.  It's not perfect, but the combination of scale and materials really floats my boat.  It doesn't hurt that there is some nice bourbon inside.

Wall O' Goodies

I knocked together a shelving unit for all our smaller items.  Boxes, cutting boards, mirrors, and underneath a nice little side table from our Advanced Joinery Course.

We hope to see you there.  If you didn't get our e-mail, you can visit this link and get half price admission.  You have to publicly admit that you're our friend, though.  HALF PRICE ADMISSION!