[Real, not fake] NEWS

I am here to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog updates about our ongoing projects to tell you about our biggest ongoing project- keeping JD Lohr Woodworking (both furniture studio and woodworking school) going on into the future forever and ever.

We all know that Jeff has earned his retirement 1,000 times over through the years of building (and then teaching) this woodworking paradise from, quite literally, the ground up. He and Linda have dedicated their lives to making the Lohr Farm into a haven for animals, family, friends, students, clients, and woodworkers from around the world. Rob and I are honored to step in and take the reigns on the woodworking portion of the equation so that these two can take a load off and enjoy their retirement.

Today was one for the books as Rob and I were each given a portion of stock (Did you know that means partial ownership? Holy cow, what?!) in JD Lohr Woodworking, Inc. We will be working our dusty little behinds off over the coming years to earn more. Both of us owe our knowledge, skill, understanding, confidence, and career to Jeff and are thrilled to be able to take his legacy forward. We love the school and the making every bit as much as he does so we're hopeful that we can keep things sailing along seamlessly. The transition is sure to be made easier when things get too grand for two people by our luck of having a third hand in the wise and talented Eoin. We are honored, excited, and motivated to keep the Jeffry Lohr dream alive by making original, custom furniture and teaching the people of the world how to make furniture [safely].

P.S. Don't worry, this is still the Lohr Farm so Jeff & Linda will still be just yards away for 'hello's and 'dear god, please help us's.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder to myself, "is this real life?"

Cheers to 2017 and onward, folks!