Works In Progress

We're quite busy on furniture commissions right now.  Here are a few projects in the works:

The Lewis Settle

Right around Christmas we jumped in on this settle.  A piece originally designed by Jeff for the Allens sometime in the 90's.

It's all very heavy mortise and tenon construction with curly cherry panels.  Pieces this big are satisfying when they all come together.  This week I'm working on the internal structure to support the upholstery frame.  Today's struggle was trying to fit that large panel in the back.  Very tough to get a tight fit and not destroy everything when fitting it in. Next week I start in on the arms.

Cosgriff Coffee Table

We're making another coffee table in the same design as the one in Larissa's last entry.  Larissa started on the legs.  The legs are made up of 13 tapered strips, so she started in on resawing a bunch of white oak and walnut.

Last year, it was my genius idea to use some green oak for the bending forms.  They worked great, but when we pulled them out this week the material had moved substantially.  Those pieces on the left were perfectly aligned just 6 months ago.  Now Larissa's hard at work on some new forms.  Plywood this time.

Hey...look at that Tuesday sunrise!

Rob's Chairs

The thing about doing this professionally is that it's hard to make things for yourself.  I'm not complaining as I find it much more satisfying to make pieces for others.... but every once in a while I want something fancy too!

I think I started these chairs 4 or 5 months ago and they've sat on a shelf in the finishing room since.  I woke up on Saturday thinking about them and then my son randomly inquired, "When will our new chairs be done?".  The universe sent me to work on Saturday.  In another 4 or 5 months they just might be finished. 

See you next week!